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Sai by ProdigyBombay Sai :iconprodigybombay:ProdigyBombay 4,608 522 Sasuke, sasuke, sasuke. by pinkstarlights Sasuke, sasuke, sasuke. :iconpinkstarlights:pinkstarlights 24 29



We love Sai and Sasuke
United States
Current Residence: Konoha
Favourite cartoon character: Sai Sasuke
Personal Quote: "loser" "Dobe"
Welcome all this site is for the people that love Sasuke and Sai. (not meant to be Yaoi) Sai and Sasuke are two of my fav and I see a lot out there for just Sasuke. poor Sai felt left out lol

****Club Info***
This club is for both Sasuke and Sai from Naruto. It not meant to be Yaoi but doesn't mean you can't put Yaoi picture here as long as it Sasuke and Sai.

Your picture can be anyone as long as it has Sasuke or Sai or both. (you get the idea lol sorry)

Just note me asking to join along with your pictures.


1. Must like one or both Sai and Sasuke
2. Must add to your journal so everyone can know about this club
3. Your picture must have one or both of the guys
4. have fun drawing Sai and Sasuke
5. If you come here saying you don't like Sasuke and Sai you will be blocked. no one forcing you to visit the club. -_-' you'll also be blocked if you make fun of someone drawings or the characters
6. we aloud Yaoi.

****** Group Project******

On my other club we started a group project. i know there not many of us. But it should be fun. Were going to start a Sai and Sasuke coloring book. yay.

It for fun. being there not many of us we can do as many pages as we want. ^_^
so get started soon. this will be going on for a while so even new members can do it when they join


Oct contest. Sasuke or Sai dress in a costume it will be due 24 of Oct


newest Members:

Owner :iconsuperjacqui:

:iconbloodlustbakura: :iconfyreonja: :icono-fairy-chan-o: :icon801420: :iconpinayskategurl: :iconanaligia:

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yuukii-chan Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
sai is cool!
Sol-bee Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008   Digital Artist
This works fine. *ww*
Flippyna Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
iBuntaMarui Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007
I'm biggest fan of him. ;D
yeah ^_^
PiNaYsKaTeGuRl Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007
You can go through my gallery and add up the Sasuke pictures that you didn't get.

ok ^_^
PiNaYsKaTeGuRl Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007
Here the links to the Sasuke and Freya pictures.

Sasuke seeing Freya hurt: [link]

Naruto Cast: [link]

Gomenasai: [link]
ok thanks
pinkstarlights Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
thank you very much for the fav on [link] "sasuke sasuke sasuke"

I see I'm your first :+fav: thanks a lot for that too ^^

and welcome to DA :D

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